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Alliance Partnership

“This is the network of networks – a first of its kind,” said Mark Lacy, CEO of Benchmark research and CEO of hyperCORE.  “This is the realization of a vision several years in the making. I wanted to bring together a group of already highly successful and professionalized research site businesses in a new and powerful way.  The magic lies within the mutual ownership model.  This motivates and ensures we each bring the best to the table and work together in ways not possible before.  Together, we can push the boundaries, leading the drive for further innovation, something that will resonate across the clinical research industry.  By banding together in such an intimate and integrated way, we can accelerate the entire end to end process from feasibility to close-out.  It's research accelerated!” - Mark Lacy, CEO

The Founding Alliance Partners:

The collaboration between these eight companies is reflective of an industry demand for more specialized and efficient models for the delivery of clinical trials.  

Benchmark Research

Benchmark Research is a leader in the clinical research industry with experience in Phase I-IV trials. Benchmark has five geographically diverse, multi-therapeutic research centers. Our database of over 90,000 patients gives us access to a large number of subjects, ensuring high volume patient recruitment and retention. We have enrolled over 40,000 subjects in more than 1,025 trials since our inception in 1997.  Our trial experience covers a wide range of indication areas, including diagnostics, cardiovascular, infectious disease, musculoskeletal, endocrinology, women’s health, allergy and vaccines.  We have conducted trials with 100+ Sponsors, providing them with unsurpassed trial execution, clean data, and a steadfast pledge to patient safety.


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Clinical Trials of Texas

Clinical Trials of Texas, Inc. (CTT) was founded in 2001 to conduct pharmaceutical and device research studies with high integrity and exceptional quality realized through an outstanding group of research professionals and investigators affiliated with CTT. CTT has a highly-equipped and versatile 19,000 sq. ft. facility capable of conducting Early Phase – Phase IV studies in a multitude of therapeutic areas. CTT works with 10 board-certified physicians to conduct studies in their respective medical specialties. This network of investigators has helped create one of the largest and most capable stand-alone research sites in the United States.


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DIEX Recherche

Founded in 2006, DIEX Recherche is a clinical research company offering services to industries in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology fields. Concerned first and foremost with the well-being of participants, the organization conducts Phase I to IV clinical trials that meet the very strict requirements of its clients, two priorities that earned them a formidable reputation within the global medical and scientific communities. DIEX Recherche is headquartered in Sherbrooke and has two centers in Quebec City and one in Victoriaville. DIEX is the first Canadian research center to obtain full AAHRPP accreditation (Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs


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FOMAT Medical Research

FOMAT Medical Research was a spin off of Diverse Research Solutions (DRS) to expand the diversity focus. FOMAT acquired DRS six years later and established their headquarters in California. They have more than 10 years experience participating in Phase 1 through Phase 4 Clinical Trials in most therapeutic areas. FOMAT relies on a highly experienced clinical research team with professional expertise to assist sponsors and CROs in reaching their project goals quickly and effectively. All sites are pre-qualified to ensure their performance will exceed expectations, both in terms of speed and quality. Once in the network, our sites abide by established quality standards.


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IACT Health

IACT Health strives to revolutionize research by conducting clinical trials with dedicated research professionals across the Southeast in more than 30 therapeutic areas. Every member of the team specializes in one very specific role within the company. IACT Health delivers focused care and is dedicated to creating outstanding clinical trial experiences, improving outcomes, and lowering the risk and net cost of studies. IACT Health’s proven enrollment is over 200% of the average research site, as assessed by Tufts University. Since 2005, IACT Health has contributed to helping 80 medications achieve FDA approvals in areas such as oncology, cardiology, pulmonology, endocrinology, infectious disease, and pain. IACT Health is committed to enhancing overall efficiency, speed, quality, and accuracy in today’s clinical site model.


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LMC Manna Research

Canada’s leading integrated research site organization with 21 sites across Canada, LMC Manna has access to more the 1 million patients, award winning in-house patient recruitment, over 120 experienced staff and ability to use central IRB - we consistently outperform and overdeliver. Accelerated study startup often yields first patient first visit (FPFV) both nationally and globally – our sites frequently competing amongst each other in achieving this milestone.  Our centralized model allows for consistent quality, improved efficiency and reduced costs across all aspects and all phases of your research.  LMC Manna Research conducts research across all phases from Phase I (CPU) to Phase IV and Real World Evidence (RWE) and virtual trials.


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Research Centers of America

Research Centers of America’s team members have been leaders in the clinical trial industry for the past 25 years, successfully executing over 1000 research studies across multiple therapeutic areas. RCA owes much of its success to a high level of physician involvement in protocol review, recruitment, and study team training, along with caring for the study volunteers.  Our physicians are well respected in the South Florida medical community and can access other physicians as needed to help with recruitment and study related procedures.  Our staff conducts trials with integrity and by the highest standards to obtain quality data and ensure the safety of study participants.


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M3-Wake Research

M3-Wake Research is an integrated organization of premier investigational sites working closely with and meeting the needs of the biopharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, pharmaceutical industry and clinical research organizations in North America. M3-Wake Research is affiliated with large multi-specialty group practices, hospitals and healthcare systems. Additionally, M3-Wake Research has its own proprietary patient database of more than 2 million potential clinical trial participants—men and women, children and adults, across all ethnicities—for all kinds of adaptive and other types of trial designs.

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